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welcome to cable tv billing software. this is my second and latest billing software.


we give you username and password for this software. No customer limit no villages or colonies add limit. no extra charges for domains and hosting charges. 10000 data also load within seconds for each login user at a time. easy sms facility. easy print options easy backup
No need to worry about old dues now onwards. no need to worry about monthly amounts


minimum education required to use software is 5th - 10th class Telugu language text simple understanding software design we can use softwares in mobiles also rental base no need pay extra amount for domain charges and hosting charges upto 3000 no extra charge for sms
telugu typing and other some features also we realease in version 2.0 for those we should not charge extra. all updates at free of cost. any time backup facility. best preferance to customer choice. if any small or big doubts we will help you in sundays.

software charges only on rental basis.


complete collection tracking follow up dues. create n number of villages create n number of colonies under this villages. create customers under these village colonies no need select village colony and bill month at once add old balance or advance and set monthly bill and also add setup box number and vcno
and from excel also we can add to database its good option to add bulk customer data
no need click extra buttons to add customer bills using cron automatically bills add customer billing monthly followup print sheet from village colony wise sheet


we can recieve customer payments in two ways
one is quick payment second one is at a time we can add all customers bill payments also


once payment made automatically customer will recieve sms that that he paid x amount to this person thanks.
finally will get unpaid list village and colony wise take that print out and followp that is one option second select all customer click send sms to due list button to send message that "Mr.ramu please pay 140 or total:2000 due. "


Excel sheet customer data convert into software data Any time Backup

Daily reports monthly reports villages wise reports colonywise reports total collections customer wise reports payments dues report


register sms thanks sms payment reminder sms cable boys wise reports charts


gives you each and every rupees. avoid wastage of your amount. final word finally it maintains your business in perfect way. Thanks


Venugopala chary Mobile : 9949 376 620 Email : venu.cherry1@gmail.com