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welcome to cable tv billing software. this is gst latest cable billing software.

Hi my name is anand , i am running cable tv business .Based on new gst rules where can i get cable tv software for my business ?

Hello anand , we come to know that , you are looking for cable tv software. Now i will explain you our cable tv billing software specialities : It is online rental software so just pay only for your usage.
it is designed in your local language Presently Our software Available in Telugu / Hindi / English Language.
Basic education (5th class) study is enough to use this software.
Software respect your each rupee.
now all business comes into accountability.
for example you are not maintain any software for your business means you need to pay extra in future. in order to avoid
unnessary headacks intelligent small business owners also taking software for their business.
And software calculate and collect all your payments perfectly so your business always in safe position.
In india after gst came, every one looking for good software for their business. we are the one , and we confidently
say we only the one who offers unlimited and important features to our valued customers.
Daily automatic backup going to your mail at midnight 12 everyday.
Customer bills will generate automatically in every month.
Bulk Payment and quick payment two options provided for payment collections.
Thanks Sms to paid users with payment amount along with operator name.

What is accounting software in india ?

software is your servant . we make software is your servant to operate cable tv billing system.
accounting software means every rupee , what customer need to pay , and recieved amount. so business go smoothly.
we build every month targets. assign work to boys to collect the payments .